Joann Dominik Richardson Editing
Your Book, Your Voice 
This is how it works: You send me your manuscript (Word or Pages are both acceptable). I read it and make comments in the margins using the track-changes option of your preferred software. I may create a separate document for more involved feedback. When it's ready, I will set up a time to go over it with you on the phone. We'll cover the separate document and I'll go over the first few pages of the edit with you. If you have questions about your edit afterwards, you're entirely welcome to ask. An edit is no use if it doesn't make sense to you.

I can do a free sample edit of the first thousand words so you can see what you're in for.
If you aren't sure which service would fit you, I can show you the differences in the sample edit, and give you quotes for the service that seems the best fit.

Proofreading is the last step before publication. This is simply weeding out typos and formatting errors. It's the last step before your book goes out to the wide world. At this stage, there should be no decisions left to be made—nothing gets changed, we just make sure that what's there is correct. ​This is a single-pass service.
from $.0075 per word
Copy Edit
This is a bit heavier than proofreading. It will involve fixing grammar, punctuation, and minor tweaks. Think of it as proofreading your Pavlov's doctoral thesis: you may not be able to say if the central premise is accurate, but you can see if he says he rang the bell after feeding the dog when he meant to say before. This is a single-pass service.
from $.009 per word
Line Edit
Line editing will check grammar, word choice, brevity, punctuation, spelling, and help pinpoint any particular areas to be strengthened. This is the service most people are looking for. This is a multi-pass service.
from $.01 per word
Content Edit
This service examines character development, setting, voice, pace, and all the big buiding blocks of the book. I will give you feedback on what comes across and what doesn't, and help fix the areas that need work. This is a multi-pass service.
from $.01 per word
Full Edit
Combining a line edit and a content edit, this is the full deal that will go over your book in depth and fix everything we can find, no holds barred. This is a multi-pass service.
from $.02 per word
Fictional worlds take work and planning. Plots don't grow on trees. Characters don't walk up and introduce themselves. Sometimes one piece of the puzzle arrives without the others: a plot with no world, a world with no characters, a character and no plot. This service will help with untangling a book that has gone off the rails a bit, or has bogged down. If you get stuck, keep writing—you can't fix what you haven't written. Whether you write from an outline or just dive in, we can work through it and either get it back on track or build the track it should be on. ​​This is a multi-pass service.
from $.008 per word
Some stories take more than one book. More depth and complexity are possible but it can be a lot to keep track of. A second pair of eyes can make this easier. This is an expanded version of the Developmental service above. ​This is a multi-pass service.
from $.008 per word