Joann Dominik Richardson Editing
Your Book, Your Voice 

Joann Dominik Richardson

"You did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for your hard work on this book. You fixed so many things other people broke. I will be forever grateful to you for finding Larry's voice again. You were the silver lining in this whole process." 
"I read this email three times. It made me feel good about this book for the first time in over a year. Made me feel like some of what I went through was worth it simply because I have a coherent final draft. I know you did it to boost my mood, and it worked, so thank you. You might have saved an entire series." Edward Lorn, author of Cruelty, the Larry Laughlin series
"Thanks for the edit: stupendously awesome as always." 

"Incredible job, Joann. A hundred times better after your edit." 

"You're the best editor I've ever had, and I had a lot of them."
"No one calls me on my BS like you."
"I seriously cannot believe how much better you make my books. You catch stuff everyone else just glances over. I kinda don't want to share you." Victor Methos, author of the Jon Stanton Mysteries, Sarah King Mysteries, Baudin & Dixon Trilogy, Mickey Parsons Mysteries 
I started out reading my dad's newsletters, articles, and history books over his shoulder in a tiny makeshift home office. Then I was helping other people with homework, and when I took the test to work for the college English department, I got a perfect score and corrected some mistakes on the test itself. 
Actually editing is easy—far easier than writing—but it took years for me to learn to be (frankly) less annoying about it. Teaching is key in being a good editor. It can be scary letting a stranger read something you've put so much work into. I understand, and my goal is to make your book the best it can be, as painlessly as possible.